STORIES FROM THE ROADCloud Forest Conservation Center, Coban, Guatemala

Our friend from LPGM, Paul Steen asked us about an idea for an upcoming trip to Guatemala and decided to work with our World Canvas Project. Here are Paul’s notes from the trip:

“We returned from Guatemala over the weekend, and wanted to share a brief email with you. The Prayer Canvas was a tremendous experience, and a highlight for the children of a local village school who participated with us. Our group brought a 6′ x 6′  canvas divided into small squares, as well as several tubes of paint, brushes and pencils. We were hosted by the Cloud Forest Conservation Center, located outside of Coban, Guatemala. The local village had a 1-room school for about 30 students (9 preschoolers) and 1 teacher – from very poor families of Mayan descent who are farmers and laborers. In total, there were 21 students from the village school, 4 adults (teacher and 3 fathers), our group of 11 travelers, and 5 from the host facility/school including their founders and staff. It was a wonderful couple of hours as we prayered together, sang together and shared our hopes and prayers through art. It was so meaningful and amazingly quiet as we wrote and painted shoulder-to-shoulder. We wanted to thank you so much for sharing your idea with us, and allowing us to share ministry in this way!” – Paul


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