Retreats + Workshops: The Spirit of Creation


Chuck + Peg create a space where no one person or perspective can give us answers. Letting go of our certainty helps us find common ground, while creating something together that we could not create alone. In our workshops, participants will push back the boundaries of familiar distractions and enter a Sabbath time in which too explore how the intersection between art and spirituality can deepen insight for creative leadership and building community.

Drawing on our experiences as creative directors and community builders, we will facilitate hands on participation to expand your vision for possibility which is more immediate than might be achieved through observing. This experience engages individual imaginations and group expressions and are intrinsically empowering. Engaging your gift of artistic expression will uniquely convey your individual story while exploring common ground with the group.


We invite you to join us in one of our workshops, you can click the titles in the column on the right or visit our Events page. We frequently travel as workshop leaders and event speakers and can tailor workshops, retreats, and conference settings to your group needs. They can be arranged for a weekend or a week event. Our fees are adjustable, however, travel expenses and materials fees when appropriate are expected. No previous artistic experience is required, just a willingness to be open to exploring possibilities. We schedule events up to two years in advance. To begin the conversation go to our Contact page. We hope to see you, Chuck + Peg