Creative Community: Finding Beauty in Our Diversity

Genesis+Art: Group Workshop

What binds us together as people? How might art and creativity deepen your understanding of your life story? Why explore spirituality and creativity for living out your vocation? What unique contribution do you bring to the world? The ancient stories tell us that the Holy One breathed into clay, creating life from the place where breath and earth meet. From that place Spirit takes form connecting us to our creator, to creation and to one another. Our creation story of mystery, relationship and love is rich with possibilities for engaging communities and offers the capacity to transform our world.

If we are connected by nature, why are we so divided? When our communities are divided over contentious issues, art can help us form questions and create opportunities for dialogue rather than verbal debate that can lead to even greater polarization. Art offers a visual language to help tell our story and birth spiritual truth. Sight can lead us to insight. Creating something together that we could not create alone is not only part of our personal creative process, we also bring this to our community art.

“It is intrinsically empowering to stir a persons imagination¬†and create art together”

We encourage hands on participation because it enlarges our vision for possibility much more immediately than might be achieved through observing. Everyone brings something to the project and we help them find it in themselves, so they have ownership in the creation. It requires risk and vulnerability to create connections and relationships. It is intrinsically empowering to stir a persons imagination and create art together. The process offers an opportunity to explore our common call and understanding in the world we share.