Finding Our Common Ground


Our names are Chuck Hoffman + Peg Carlson-Hoffman and we are professional artists deeply committed to finding common ground as a human family and the healing power of art in forgiveness and reconciliation. We are husband and wife, creative collaborators and founders of the Genesis + Art Studio, Kansas City, Missouri USA.

We believe being trapped by the same way of thinking or safe, tried and true ideas of the past can become the walls that cut us off with a false sense of security. Perhaps what walls do most is separate us from the possibility of participating in relationship. Over and above our diversity, seeking relationship with one another can lead to growth and inspiration and together, lead us into new territory. Holding creative tension in this meeting place offers an alternative from extremes and prevents us from rushing to judgment and demanding a complete resolution to things before we have learned what they have to teach us. Buy levitra usa. Light comes from elsewhere as we remain in this creative tension, drawing out the unique bit of heaven’s mystery in each other to form a new beginning. We seek to create a visible sign of invisible grace.


Nourishing the creative spirit in workshops + retreats

Peg is a painter, lettering artist and liturgical designer. She is a graduate of Augustana College and is currently a Creative Director for Hallmark Cards. Peg teaches workshops on calligraphy, design and creativity. Her passion for art and faith includes designing worship spaces and experiential environments for engaging the Holy.

Chuck, a painter, designer and workshop facilitator earned his BFA from Miami University and worked as an Associate Creative Director for the Walt Disney Company. He received the Art & Innovation Fellowship and the St. Paul Interfaith Scholarship Award from Luther Seminary, where Chuck completed his Master of Arts. He was their first full time Artist In Residence. Chuck’s passion for the spiritual in art finds inspiration in the transcending connection of art and prayer, regardless of a person’s cultural background or religious tradition. For more information about our experience and background you can contact us for our CV’s.